Steph Lott

Writer and Songwriter

I write stories, and sometimes I turn them into songs

‘‘There’s a light that shines within you, open up and trust that you’ll know what to do’’ - Shine by Steph Lott

You can sum up Steph in two words, DREAM CHASER!

Steph knows exactly what she wants out of life and she won’t stop until she gets it. Steph is your everyday girl who, just like anyone else, has had both good and bad life experiences; but Steph escapes the bad ones through her words.

As she says, "I write stories, and sometimes I turn them into songs." Steph is an award winning songwriter and a story teller. Her writing comes from the heart and if you pay just a little bit of attention to her lyrics or stories you will certainly get to know Steph that little bit more!

Have fun exploring the website and discovering what Steph is all about.



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