Steph Lott

Writer and Songwriter




Steph’s creative writing began with writing songs when she was just a little girl. Diagnosed with crippling anxiety attacks when she was eleven; writing turned out to be the escape she needed from her worries. Steph penned her first song called 'Who Would Have Thought' around this age which was quickly followed by 'A Better Place', and many others that haven't ever been heard by anyone…


...and for good reason!


As she grew older she found other forms of creative writing to be a good way of releasing her thoughts and feelings, and began writing prose and poetry as well as songs. Steph then decided to do a Creative Writing Diploma which resulted in some of her work being published; her poem 'Chocolate Temptation' was published in Graffiti Magazine in September 2012.


Steph then converted her Creative Writing Diploma into an English Literature Degree which she passed, graduating from The Open University in September 2015.


Steph is now in the middle of her Master’s degree in Creative writing and is currently editing her first novel ‘A Woman’s World’. She also has a series of children’s picture books on the go and enjoys dabbling in the odd short story.


Steph has also penned many more songs including ‘Stronger’ and ‘Your Silence Speaks Volumes', both of which gained semi-finalist positions in the UK Song writing Contest. Steph is currently recording her debut EP ‘Shine’ which is due to be released later in 2017.


As it was when she was a little girl, writing is and always will be a way for Steph to release her emotions and to connect with others, through her relatable lyrics and engaging writing.


‘If you can’t cry it out, write it out, let the pen cry for you."