Never Too Late EP

As I progress wih my novel I'm excited to announce that I've just started recording an EP titled "Never Too Late" that will accompany my book. The EP will contain four tracks; the first track 'Bad Day' is finished and sounds great. I'm very lucky to have the beautiful vocals of Shelly Quarmby on this song. You can hear it in the video below.

'Bad Day' is written from the point of view of my character Paige, so the lyrics give a little glimpse in to Paige's predicament. Likewise, two of the other tracks are from the point of view of Lilly and Molly. The fourth track will be the title track, 'Never Too Late'.

I can't wait to share my work with you all.

Currently Writing - Never Too Late

Lilly moved to the coastal town of Clove Valley a year ago to escape her destructive relationship with her mother. Thinking her life would be better; a few weeks living with her boyfriend Matt shows his true colours.

So when she meets Paige and Molly, two local residents; she’s determined to keep the shame of her past and her current relationship a secret. But it soon becomes apparent that not even Molly and Paige have perfect lives and as secrets start to unfold, Lilly decides to confide in her new friends which will have dire consequences.

Even a serene little town like Clove Valley has its dark side when the sun goes down.

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